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Prenatal Meet and Greet

. Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Caring for your newborn and providing an environment in which your baby will thrive and develop can be so rewarding. Choosing a pediatrician to care for your child is an important decision and we share your joy and enthusiasm and look forward to the opportunity to be involved in your exciting journey of raising your child.

Getting Acquainted

Please feel free to call our office if you have additional questions about our practice. If you are interested in scheduling a Meet and Greet, please contact the office at 828-322-2550 to schedule.

Upon Arrival

When your baby is born, please inform the hospital delivery staff that you have chosen Catawba Pediatrics as your child’s medical home. If your child is delivered at Catawba Valley Medical Center, one of our providers will visit your newborn. If your child is delivered at any other facility, that hospital’s staff pediatrician will visit

First Visit

We will see your baby in our office 24-48 hours after you have been discharged from the hospital. If you have not scheduled an appointment with us prior to discharge from the hospital, please call our office at 828-322-2550, to schedule your newborn appointment. Again, Congratulations! We look forward to becoming a part of your family!

Please use below links to view our Vaccine Policy and Immunization Schedule

Vaccine Policy

2024 Recommended Immunizations for Birth Through 6 Years Old (cdc.gov)

2024 Recommended Immunizations for Birth Through 6 Years Old (cdc.gov)  Spanish Version

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